Cacheman 7.10: Cacheman is designed to improve speed and stability of your computer.

Cacheman 7.10

computer games, by giving more power to the chosen game, and less to the background programs that would otherwise slow it down. Cacheman offers a one-click Auto-Optimize feature which will examine your computer and apply automatically best settings and system tweaks in order to make your computer faster and more stable. You can also speed up your computer for a specific task by selecting individual Auto-Optimization profiles like Gaming Computer

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System Accelerator 1.0: This is an unique computer System Accelerator software.

System Accelerator 1.0

System Accelerator is this simply cool tool that not only makes your PC faster but also takes care of its other needs so that you can have uninterrupted joy while using your computer. Your Internet speed can go up by just tweaking up you computer. This software fine-tunes your computer and optimizes the working to a great extent. System Accelerator is based on an unique algorithm that optimizes your system thus giving you amazing results.

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WinZip System Utilities Suite 1.0: WinZip System Utilities Suite: 20+ tools for a better performing, faster PC!

WinZip System Utilities Suite 1.0

computer. Do you need to free your PC from unwanted clutter? WinZip System Utilities Suite includes several powerful tools that scan and remove dead weight from your computer. Instantly identify and remove system registry errors, junk data, duplicate files, and unnecessary programs. The result? Better system performance, faster response time, and significantly improved reliability! Avoid costly and potentially irreversible problems with easy-to-use

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PCMedik Fix and boost your computer speed the easy way.  Make your computer faster.


makes several permanent changes to Windows so your computer feels like it is brand new once again. Don`t deal with a slow computer and make tasks take longer to complete, install PCMedik and make your computer run faster. Over time as you install new and updated software, you get the impression your computer is slower due to these applications being more demanding of faster hardware. PCMedik makes your computer faster by making several changes to

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MAGIX PC Check and Tuning 2011: PC Check & Tuning keeps your PC fast and reduces power consumption

MAGIX PC Check and Tuning 2011

computer, detects problems, and removes them all on its own. Easy-to-understand menus also increase computer performance and save memory and power. License for up to 3 PCs! You can install PC Check & Tuning 2011 on your home PC, your notebook computer and the PC of another family member. This way, you can increase the performance of up to three PCs in your household! NEW! Software update Updates outdated software! Outdated programs on your PC pose

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Better StartUp-Solves boot up pPlblems and makes your computer boot faster-Get back in contPll of your computer! 0.9.91:      

Fast Windows OS computer startup. Boot your operat

Better StartUp-Solves boot up pPlblems and makes your computer boot faster-Get back in contPll of your computer! 0.9.91 Fast Windows OS computer startup. Boot your operationg system faster. ContPll start up order and delay. Solve invisible system tray icons

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Smart PC Optimizer 1.0: Computer tune up software, clean junk and registry make computer fast as new

Smart PC Optimizer 1.0

computer tune up software which can clean system junk, clean pc spam, improve computer performance speed.Download Smart PC Optimizer to optimize your PC and free up extra hard drive space to achieve a cleaner and faster system. This free computer maintenance software provides system optimization, registry optimizor, spam file cleanner. Keyfeature about PCLive Computer Tuneup 1.Smarstest,Smallest,Speedest 2.Easy to use, just one step to optimize registry

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My Faster PC 6.0: Clean up your computer, optimize settings, and speed up your PC.

My Faster PC 6.0

Clean, optimize, and speed up your computer with My Faster PC. Access great tools like Disk Cleaner, PC Optimizer, and My Defragmenter. My Faster PC can also find hidden issues and clean startup programs and browser add-ons. If you have slow PC performance or just want to keep your computer optimized and well-maintained, My Faster PC is a powerful tool to keep your computer clean and running well. Download your free trial today!

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Throttle Make your internet connection up to 200 percent faster instantly.


faster, download files faster and play games without lag. These permanent changes made to your computer and modem improves how large data packets are sent between your computer and servers, it lowers the latency between your computer and servers, and how Internet Explorer simultaneously downloads images and files. With Throttle your internet will become much faster and the changes it makes to your computer are completely safe and permanent. Throttle

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SuperRam Make your computer faster with more memory and take control of your computer.


SuperRam makes your computer run faster by taking control and managing the memory on your computer efficiently. SuperRam gives you full control over how memory works on your computer and allows you to fine tune how your computer operates. SuperRam intelligently manages memory unlike many other memory management programs available on the internet. SuperRam`s simple to use interface allows you to set it and forget it.

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